The role of Shape-Shifters

I have found over the years that I discover amazing insights while working with my bodywork clients, and today was no exception.

I know that I run the Shape-Shifter archetype, meaning that I understand that different situations in life require a specific point of view or even a certain “mask” in order to function and engage with the world. My client today also has shape-shifting skills in her vast roles that she plays in the world, from mother to confidant to human resources liaison, etc. Perhaps as you read this, you may realize that you also have this innate skill that seems more developed than in most people. Yes, we all tend to wear masks, but Shape-Shifter carries a certain energy, a frequency with it that is similar to Actor or even Negotiator (at least in my experience).

In folklore, shape-shifters are often animals that take on human form, and they are often seen as tricksters, since they shape-shift to lure or lie to someone. The Shape-Shifters that I have met, and as I try to live, use this skill to better understand others and help other people accept new information. I won’t lie, it’s also a great defense mechanism to be able to “pass” within a group without them seeing you as an outsider that might be threatening. This is an energy that is not always what it appears to be, and without integrity, it can serve the ego amazingly quickly.

In our session today, my client and I hit on a theme that is helping understand this vital role of Shape-Shifter within society. Well, there are many ways that Shape-Shifters benefit society, but the one that I wasn’t aware of until today is that they model our need to know Who We Are as an essential human quest.

An evolved Shape-Shifter has a core, a central identity. They may be able to play the role of Mother or Healer, Karaoke Performer or Little League Coach, Mechanic or Class Clown with ease, but often times these roles are not *always* who they are. It is a slice of who they are but it is not always present. And not only does the evolved Shape-Shifter understand his or her core, but we can also play multiple roles simultaneously and with intention because some of these roles actually speak to Who We Are at our core.

Carolyn Myss has a book called Sacred Contracts that discusses archetypes, and in the course of the book, you actually discover and claim for yourself your own set of 12 archetypes that are present throughout your life. For me, this was an amazing resource to begin to understand what moves me, what I value, and the energies that makeup the essence of Who I Am.

By digging into the deep work of understanding who I AM at my core, without the stories and without the “sometimes I am…” stuff, but what deeply resonates with my Soul and what I value, then can I access the specific flavors of my personality whenever I choose. Sometimes I am a traveling adventurer and sometimes I am a home-body reader. But I am always Me. And knowing Me allows me to live authentically as myself even if it is time to play the role of Healer or Mother.

Personally, I am also going to start putting down any “masks” that I may have picked up in life in order to pass unscathed in society and instead put on the robe or hat of a certain role. It feels easier to switch roles and still be myself.

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