Energy Consult

We are all energetic beings. We are souls that have put on a human suit for awhile, but much of our experience and understanding still functions through the energy within us and around us. Furthermore, each person has a unique way of using their own energy and interacting with the energy of others. As humans who wish to function at our highest and greatest potential, it is essential that we all learn how our own energy works and how to take care of our energetic selves.

So where do you start? If you are like me, then you read hundreds of books on a vast array of metaphysical subjects over 20+ years, go to trainings every year on numerous topics and modalities, and create your own daily practice, yet you still feel like pieces that are so difficult to grasp or even hidden from your awareness.

Or you can get to know yourself, hopefully with a mentor or team of friends that have your back and keep you focused.

Remember in Frozen, when Grandpabbie told Elsa that she would have to learn to control her emotions and then sent her on her way? What would have happened if Grandpabbie had actually worked with Elsa to understand her own emotions and learned to hone her skills? Grandpabbie may not have had the same natural skills with ice as Elsa, but he certainly had the wisdom to help her discover her potential and master her craft, preferably without causing massive snow damage and freezing her sister along the way. An energy consult can help guide you to more deeply understand your unique skills and mode of operation.

So who can benefit from an energy consult? If you:

  • Have vivid dreams and don’t know what they mean or what to do with them
  • Feel changes in your own emotions when people enter or leave the room
  • Get physical pain or strange sensations in your body when you talk with certain people
  • Wake up in the middle of the night, especially around 3am, feeling like you need to be doing something or solving a problem
  • Are curious about intuition, but are not quite sure how to develop your own skills

Contact me or schedule your FREE 60-Minute Energy Consult where we talk about how you want to use energy work to improve your life. We will discuss your natural skills and habits with energy, as well as devise ways to nurture your energy and shift what needs to change in order to reach your goals.

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