Dragon Energy Healing Session

When you have a big life shift to make or some meaning-of-life, soul-searching quest to take, it’s time to ask the Dragons for help.

Dragon Energy is not for everyone. Well, they are here for everyone, but not all people are ready for what they have to say or offer. Dragons are not for tip-toeing around a subject. They are not interested in easing into something new. They are not here to coddle, submit, nor settle with the status quo.

You have a wyrd, a personal destiny, and Dragons charge forward into that destiny with a ferocity and passion that befits their role as Protectors and Generators of Earth.

When you are ready to blaze through the petty human facades that distract and confuse, when you are ready to claim the life path that you know is yours, the Dragons will gladly show up as your allies to sweep away the cobwebs that feel impenetrable to you, help light the torch to see your way, and stand by your side as you traverse new terrain. They certainly won’t do the work for you, but their energy heals in a deep and transformative way that is for the greatest and highest good of all on Earth.

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