• Massage Therapy: Massage at Rose Rock is for busy people trying to make it in this crazy world while your body and mind are sore and exhausted from trying to do-all-the-things. My therapeutic massage offers self-care that addresses your body and energy so you can play with your kids, do your job, and feel great in your body.
  • CranioSacral Therapy: CST is for people with deep pain that traditional therapies don’t help or even aggravate. It calms your central nervous system so your body can let go of inflammation and feel relief and calm again.
  • Body Mind Spirit Coaching: This customized coaching is for the self-taught intuitive whose life is not feeling as magical as it should be, so you can claim your natural gifts to make physical changes to match your spiritual evolution.
  • Dragon Sessions: Dragon Energy is for light workers and energy intuitives that have a big dream that you know is for your greatest and highest evolution but you keep bumping up against obstacles and self-sabotage. This energy healing session works with Dragon Allies to power through to the next level of your dreams.