Intro To Auras

I have had the opportunity to talk with several clients recently about developing their own energy work skills, and I noticed that every time, the topic of auras comes up. What is an aura? What do the colors mean? Can I learn to see auras?

The aura is an extension of our energies, be it strong or weak, fair or otherwise, light and bright or dull and dense. It is a band of energy that surrounds us, a life energy that can be sensed around every living thing, plants, trees, animals, birds and people.

There are seven layers of aura, but the most accessible to the human perception are the first three layers surrounding the human body. Auras can be seen with the eyes wide open or it can also be seen psychically with the eyes closed.

At times, you may feel uneasy in the presence of a certain person. When you enter a room, you have this sense that something is wrong. If someone shares a deep personal truth, you may feel their energy open up and you feel more at ease within your own body. These reactions are triggered by your aura.

Think of it as a purely energetic organ. The human aura is a strong electro-magnetic field, and its role is to absorb energy from the environment around us and project our own personal energy into the world. I think of it as the outermost layer of my personal space, my energetic fence, if you will, where I first come into contact with those around me.

A good way to experiment with your aura is in a room full of people, where varying energies, positive and negative, are being interchanged. Where you put your focus is where your energy will go. So, if you watch the group as a whole, your aura will engage with the entire group and give you feedback on the collective. If you switch your focus from one person to another person, your aura will shift focus and interact with each person individually. You are taking the temperature of the current moment and getting a sense of how energy is moving and engaging. 

I’ll be writing more about auras, as there is a lot to cover and appreciate about this essential energy organ. Stay tuned!

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