For Love and Money

The Law of Attraction is most commonly used for getting more money and finding a romantic partner. And the teachings around these two pivotal “goals” for people always comes down to doing self work, to healing old wounds and patterns and changing the energy you have with yourself. Seeing your relationships with yourself, your money, and your partner as mirrors of each other to help you see the deepest recesses of who you are and how you are activating the matrix around you.

I am finally experiencing why! And the best way I can explain it is to show you.

Imagine Money, a living person that you are in a relationship with. A love relationship. A Life Partner relationship. Tell that person what you think about money, the numbers in your bank account and the bills you pay. Say it or write it down. Unload. Purge it all out.

Mine sounded a lot like, “I don’t trust you’re going to be there when I need you. The more I need you, the less I see you. You become so distant, and it pisses me off. I wish I could like a life without you. If only you would do exactly what I want, then I wouldn’t freak out so much about you.”

Fuck, that’s some ugly shit. Like, abusive and in serious need of counseling before I have any business being in a relationship.

Ok, now a new mind experiment. Imagine your last romantic partner. Are any of those feelings similar? Did you think those things about your partner? Did your partner say stuff like that to you? Did you feel dependent on that person just as you felt dependent on money? For me, I saw the mirror opposite. I felt naive and inexperienced with money, yet I was the one managing the money because my partner was in actuality naive and inexperienced. I actually heard the narcissistic talk belittling me and my skills in the world while apparently feeling the same way toward money.

Value and receiving. Self-worth and abundance. Love and Money. These are two satellites that reflect immediately the relationship we have with ourselves and how much we value our own essence.

New experiment. Imagine the romantic relationship you would *like* to have. Soul mates? Divine partners? Kindred spirits?

Imagine Money as your Divine Partner. Money has a consciousness and it responds to our own consciousness. So start a relationship with Money. Ask Money how you can treat it better. Ask Money if it respects you and your work. Talk to Money about your bank-money choices. You want take-out tonight? What do you think about a trip to visit my parents next year? How much do we put toward savings this month, and how much would feel good in there?

Imagine what Money would say as your Life Partner, full of unconditional love for you but also keeping you on point in this life because you are building a life together. Money has a stake in your life choices. Invite it in.

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