Meet Jessica Harper

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2005 and a Reiki practitioner since 2006. I started working with my own energy system when I was in elementary school, although I learned early on that very few people in my world were willing to talk about energy so I kept most of my experiences to myself.

When I went to college for my Bachelor’s Degree, I discovered my first metaphysical bookstore, and I was enthralled! So many authors and topics on things discussing topics that I was starving to learn about. This bookstore happened to be connected with a massage studio, and I got to see first hand the mental and emotional benefits of bodywork in addition to the physical benefits. This planted a seed in my psyche that I could make a difference in the world as a healer.

I was especially excited to learn Reiki, and the only people that I knew who practiced Reiki were massage therapists. I decided to go to massage school and delve into the healing arts. From there my intuitive skills grew as I deepened my appreciation of bodywork.

My primary focus turned to understanding how the physical and energetic bodies overlap and create our personal experiences walking around the planet. For me, this is the stuff that makes up the meaning of life.